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Sacred Geometry

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The Mandate of Heaven II

The Toltec I Ching is the first completely new version of the I Ching in modern times. Such was not my intention when I stepped onto this path some 45 years ago.  As dedicated to the classic King Wen version … Continue reading

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I Ching Mathematics

I Ching Mathematics:  The Science of Change permits extended interpretations of I Ching divinations based on mathematical permutations of the single hexagram and line changes obtained through either the coin or yarrow stalk method.  The culmination of 45 years of … Continue reading

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The World Government-In-Exile: A Manifesto

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren and to do good is my religion.— Thomas Paine It is not given to every generation to take the reins of fate in hand at an historic turning point of … Continue reading

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Elysium is the New V for Vendetta

Unquestionably the most subversive big-budget film in years, Elysium takes its rightful place among the small number of major productions that dare to hold a mirror up to the rising tide of inequality, injustice and authoritarianism facing us all. Although cast as … Continue reading

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Five Keys to Inspired Action in the Global Spring

The movement from me to we is well underway.  Forming the emotional bedrock of the emerging world culture, a new lifeway is taking root and spreading exponentially through each succeeding generation.  Entire nations shudder and awaken the sleeping giant of … Continue reading

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Three Zen Stories for Peace of Heart

Zen stories and koans have a reputation for being difficult to understand. While this is certainly true of some, there are others more transparent that seem to impart their primary lesson much more readily. Here are three such stories, each … Continue reading

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The World Savings Initiative

If we want things to stay the same, everything is going to have to change.–Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa It seems inevitable that a time comes when people across the globe create a mechanism by which to exert their collective self-governance. … Continue reading

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Breaking the Penniston Binary Code

~ 100110010100000010101001000010101111 011110101001100101100010000010 000010000100001111001100 ~ Synopsis A purported message from extraterrestrial beings appears to be encrypted as a series of hexagrams from the ancient divinatory classic, the I Ching.  The length of the message and its repeated themes creates a … Continue reading

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2012 Winter Solstice Oracle: The Age Of Light

An alligator barks at something in the night.  Limpkins call eerily in the bayou out beyond the mosquito screening.  A pale green luna moth flutters at the window light. I’ve travelled to the Everglades in Southern Florida to greet the … Continue reading

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