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  1. Ali Sanchez says:

    Hello Mr. Horten I just read your article on the Nei-yeh by Roth. Its seems that this “natural state” is in every spiritual tradition. My question is this state seems so elusive. Is there a technique, a meditation, a qi gong that will produce this “natural state” that you recommend.
    Eternally grateful,
    Ps. You once talked about the thunder hexagram with me. It was very insightful!

  2. William says:

    Hello Rigpa,

    Thank you for the kindness of your note.
    Yours is the very type of direct and easy-going question that is very difficult to answer with confidence.
    One reason is that generally an answer should be made in accord with the person and I can only intuit you at a distance.
    Another reason is that if there were one answer for everyone, then it would have been spelled out long ago and no one would be searching for it.
    Another reason is that attainment of this state is wholly unconditioned, which means that nothing can “produce” it in the sense of cause-and-effect (otherwise it would be conditioned by its cause).

    However. Setting all that aside. I will repeat the words of a great master, trusting that they come to my mind just now for good purpose. The saying goes like this—

    “It does not come in through the gates of your face. It pours out of your breast to cover heaven and earth”.

    Here the word “It” refers to the attainment you ask about. “the gates of your face” are the five senses and ordinary consciousness. Perhaps you could spend some time considering that “It” is not something that happens to you, but something that you yourself produce. With any luck and sincerity, this might open up the road right before you.

    Wishing you good fortune on your practice,
    William Douglas Horden

  3. Therese says:

    Hello Mr. Horden,
    Last summer when you were in Ithaca you were kind enough to show me an illustration from one of the codexes that showed energies leaving the body from various places at the time of death. Or, maybe it would be more accurate to describe the image as an illustration of various bodies dropping away at the time of death. I tried very hard to memorize it but its complexity demanded more time and attention than circumstances allowed.
    Anyway, I would love to spend some more time with this image! Would it be possible to publish it here? Or, failing that, could you publish the name of the source so that I can continue to try to track it down?

    Thanks for whatever help you can give here and endless thanks for the Toltec I Ching–such a good friend!

  4. oldstudent says:

    I was looking at the 12 month method you posted at onlineclarity,interesting.Ive used a similar method for years .First I form a hexagram using the pre heaven order.Then I add one line per day and match the change against a chart that gives the hexagram for yin or yang,I developed the chart for convenience.The old lines become part of the new hexagram.The fresh top line pushes out the bottom,the second line becomes the first and so on recycling old and young thru a new hexagram.Its important to maintain the same question.The process ends when you decide the answer to the question is fufilled.Interesting process.

  5. William says:

    Thanks for the alternative approach. Very interesting, indeed. Keep moving forward.

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