The 2012 Metamorphosis Meme Oracle

What kind of Ending will produce the best Beginning for the Coming 2012 Age?

This is the question addressed in a group divination at a three-day workshop on The Toltec I Ching in Southern Oregon, November, 2011. While six people threw the coins once each, the group as a whole concentrated on receiving the Oracle’s answer with open hearts and minds.



The principal hexagrams articulate a clear message of change moving from the present situation to the future.  The first step in establishing the right kind of ending to this time of darkness is the most decisive—it is what sets in motion the natural consequence of the future Restoring Wholeness.  This initial change that we are, even now, beginning to experience is titled Entering Service and explicitly describes the 180-degree re-polarization of our collective lifeway:  the profundity of this change of worldview away from self-interest and toward self-sacrifice cannot be exaggerated—so sudden and widespread as to resemble a positive virus, the desire to put the past behind us is itself the specific trigger that activates the new beginning of Restoring Wholeness.

The two transition points marked by line changes give voice to the specific bridges between the present and the future situations.  One warns against relying on precedents to move forward, indicating that past attitudes and behaviors must be set aside in favor of bold new forward-looking solutions.  The other alerts us to the fact that a last-hour attempt to maintain control will result in a clamping down on freedoms by authoritarian forces—rather than securing their position, however, this is the last nail in the coffin of authoritarianism:  oppression has the unintended consequence of reminding people of their own collective authority and power of self-governance.

The ancillary hexagrams point to a simultaneous deeper—but no less widespread—change going on within individual consciousness.  Like a forest fire, the heat of which ignites the tress in front of it before its flames touch them, a profound shift in awareness passes from person to person, building momentum as it grows:  the concurrence of all the ancillary hexagrams on this single focus indicates, in context of the question, that a cultural meme of metamorphosis itself spreads among peoples everywhere with a spontaneity and velocity impossible to imagine beforehand.  It is as though people everywhere simply tire of using the past as an excuse for continuing the inhumane treatment of human beings and the environment—the past is cast off, people share a common experience of exhilaration at finally breaking free of their imaginary limits, the combination of which triggers an authentic and lasting transformation of human nature.

The Oracle foresees, then, an opportunity for humanity to heal its long-standing wounds and restore itself, both on the collective and individual level, to original wholeness.  Hand-in-hand with this social transformation, individuals everywhere are gripped in a corresponding metamorphosis meme that transforms the human psyche in a way that makes it more adaptable to the future.  The two bridges that must be crossed if we are to authentically arrive on the far shore of this future are marked by the line changes:  throwing off the shackles of past thinking and throwing off the shackles of authoritarianism.

The Ending that the Oracle advises is that of self-interest above all else.  The Beginning that the Oracle envisions is one in which all apparent opposites are united in harmonious balance.  This opportunity appears to being triggered by the ancients’ intuition of the length of this age of darkness:  human nature must shift in predictable ways through predictable crises, which the ancient Mayans were able to calculate and mark symbolically with the end and new beginning of their calendar on the Winter Solstice 2012.


Each of the six Sections below provides the details of the text of the Oracle’s answer, followed by a Commentary analyzing its relevance to the question at hand.

Anyone wishing to expand upon these commentaries and interpretations is invited to add as much as they wish through the comments section.  I will respond to each and welcome the widest possible discussion among participants.





The primary hexagram determined from the six throws of the coins, which represents the way the Oracle views the present situation:  Hexagram 20, Entering Service.

Image:  An old man steps onto a long road that winds up a mountain, at the summit of which a plant grows.  He carries everything he needs for a long journey.  Under his arm, he carries a painted book of healing plants, opened to a plant matching the one on the summit before him.  His walking stick is in the form of a serpent.

Interpretation:  The old man represents wisdom gained through experience and means you are more concerned with bringing benefit to others than you are with receiving recognition for your efforts.  The plant at the mountain’s summit represents a distant goal and the long road winding up to it symbolizes the many twists and turns facing you on your lengthy journey.  That he carries everything he needs for a long journey means that you have anticipated hardship and prepared for it ahead of time.  The painted book of medicinal plants symbolizes the knowledge of the ancestors that is as relevant in the present as it was in the past.  That the book is opened to a painting matching the plant living atop the summit means that your goal is part of the living tradition of the old ones.  The walking stick in the form of a serpent symbolizes a helping spirit who knows the way on this winding and convoluted path.  Taken together, these symbols mean that you initiate a new and fuller realization of your potential by materially helping others obtain what they most need.

Action:  The masculine half of the spirit warrior undertakes an arduous journey in order to alleviate the need of others.  The quest to find benefit is a noble calling but one to be undertaken only when we are willing to accept the trials by which we acquire practical knowledge and ready to accept the tribulations by which we learn self-sacrifice.  Because experience has taught you that serving others is a nobler pursuit than serving yourself, you do not hesitate to take up this next leg of your journey.  Because it will be a long and difficult endeavor, you set your determination to see matters through to the end.  Because you cannot always count on others to make the hard parts of the journey easier, you make yourself self-reliant, flexible, and strong.  Because others lack consistency of vision and become periodically fascinated by new ideas, you study on your own and incorporate time-proven methods into your approach.  Because you strive to realize the highest vision, you pay close and constant attention to your spirit guide, who steers you clear of the pitfalls on the road of service.

Intent:  Observe those who profess to be pursuing a goal similar to your own.  Distinguish between those motivated by selflessness and those motivated by self-interest, between those content to fulfill their duty to others and those striving for advancement and recognition.  Learn from the ambitious that ulterior motives poison benefit. Learn from the selfless that pure intentions nourish benefit.  By weeding out unnatural feelings of being taken advantage of, you cultivate your innate garden of sincerity, devotion, and generosity.  By observing those who habitually exhibit cynicism and self-righteous indignation, you learn that poison eventually poisons the one who produces it.  By observing the incorruptible benevolence of your helping spirit, you learn that enduring noble-heartedness is itself the road by which you yourself become benefit.  Sow your seeds of intent in the timeless that others might receive benefit in time.

Summary:  Do not forget that you have undertaken a difficult road in order to benefit others.  Watch your reactions carefully, making sure that you harbor neither resentment toward those you serve nor distrust of those with whom you serve.  Continue to focus on the ideal of your goal, allow your journey to ennoble you.  Do not listen to voices that sow dissension or dissatisfaction in your heart.


The elder masculine figure here refers to the wise part of the purpose-driven half of human nature, sending it on  a quest to find the secret cure to the crises we collectively face.  This means the faction of humanity that seeks power and progress for their own sake need to voluntarily place their resources and energy into solving real-life problems without creating new difficulties in the future.  Real medicine is curative and restorative and does not produce negative side-effects.  This authentic caring and sincere concern inspire others to collaborate for the common good.  This willingness to set self-interest aside in order to address the common need pulls people together in an atmosphere of unity and mutuality.

What kind of Ending will produce the best Beginning for the Coming 2012 Age?

The Oracle is specifically condemning the immature adolescent masculine force of humanity, answering the question by indicating the kind of strength and resolve needed to end this current Age in the best manner:

turn away from the headstrong pursuit of dominating others in any form and every level;
embody the archetype of the wise medicine man who has dedicated his entire life to service of the Whole; and,
prepare all concerned for a prolonged, arduous and heroic adventure ahead.



There are two line changes in the present hexagram that indicate the specific transition points by which the present trends develop into the future:

Second:  Just because the rule worked once doesn’t mean it will work again—conditions have changed and you must change with them.  You are being too cautious and acting as if you had no confidence.  Envision how this partnership fits with your long-range goals and then act.

Sixth:  People are malleable but cannot be oppressed indefinitely—clamping down too tight makes them question authority.  Once they begin looking into their own authority, their spirits can no longer be molded to another’s  will.  Step forward to meet their material needs and you will win their loyalty.


The second line change warns that basing actions and attitudes on past precedents is foolish and self-defeating.  The past ways of dealing with people and nature has all been based on short-term solutions that have created new and even more complex problems.  Harmonious cooperation between all is inevitable:  the time demands bold and decisive action that leads to universal amnesty and reconciliation.

The sixth line change warns that ignoring the Oracle’s guidance leads to a time of widespread anti-authoritarianism.  This grassroots movement arises as a reaction to the misuse of power that subjects people to increasing oppression and diminishing freedom.  As people collaborate in their effort to build something new, they find unexpected strength in their collective vision.  The old is overthrown by new because all differences between spiritual traditions are set aside in the collective effort to meet all material needs in the emerging age of peace and prospering for all.



When the second line changes and the sixth line has not yet changed, the hidden hexagram is formed.  It speaks to the attitude and behavior needed to bring the future into being:  Hexagram 9, Uprooting Fear.

Image:  A male warrior, wearing war paint and a jaguar headdress, stands at the mouth of a cave and utters a battle cry that sounds like a jaguar’s roar.  In one hand he holds the power of the lightning and its thunder and fire.  His other arm is clenched, forming a shield of obsidian knives.  The flight of arrows is broken and stopped in flight.

Interpretation:  This hexagram represents the indomitable intent of those who will not be overcome by fear or insecurity.  The male warrior symbolizes the way of testing and training human nature that increases its versatility and fortitude.  His war paint and battle cry mean that you do not hesitate to show your resolve through direct speech and direct action.  The cavern and jaguar headdress, both symbols of the feminine half of the spirit warrior, mean that you do not hesitate to conceal your deeper intentions within the feints and stratagems of indirect action.  Taken together, these symbols mean that you withstand every inner and outer test of nerves the way a mountain withstands every individual raindrop.  Wielding the lightning’s fire and thunder means that you can concentrate the energy of the creative forces and direct it toward making matters known, using the power of fire to illuminate and the power of thunder to resound.  Forming a shield of obsidian knives means that you invoke the law of equal action and reaction, defending yourself solely by adopting the patient strength of those who no longer try to keep destructive people from destroying themselves.  Stopping the arrows in flight means that the spiritual protection you cultivate succeeds in making you impervious to harm.  Taken together, these symbols mean that you have prepared well for this battle and have nothing to fear.

Action:  The masculine half of the spirit warrior protects the feminine half from physical, emotional, and spiritual harm.  Only a whole-hearted commitment to the proper course of action will stand you in good stead—only through clarity of vision, firmness of will, and consistency of action will you be able to act with the courage and conviction needed to prevail against those in the wrong.  When we can no longer make excuses for oppression and coercion, then we find what it is that is worth fighting for:  it is at just such a juncture that we commit to a course of action that improves our lives, refines our character, and broadens our compassion.  This is a time for hardening your heart against even the slightest of fears and closing your mind to even the remotest possibilities of failure.  Take up the symbols of this hexagram and make yourself like this spirit warrior and you will not only pass through the trial unscathed, but you will bring benefit to others in ways impossible to imagine at present.  Because your motive is pure and your reasoning sound, you act without doubt or hesitation.

Intent:  By pulling out the weeds of fear and indecision when they first appear, you will acquire the inner power to break up stagnation and free up benefit so that it might fulfill its corresponding need once again.  In such a time, it is necessary to coordinate your forces in response to events.  When you must confront matters, do so unemotionally, speaking the truth without exaggeration or distortion.  When you are attacked, defend your spirit in private without responding to taunts or intimidation in public.  Act with the daring of one who has gambled everything on a single throw of the dice, advancing when you are expected to withdraw and withdrawing when you are expected to advance.  Do not hesitate to make allies of those within the opponent’s camp, thereby allowing doubt and fear to take root among those who sought to sow it.

Summary:  Your path takes you into unknown lands without any clear sense of where you are being led.  You are fully committed to this course now and there is no turning back.  Set your will firmly on the goal and banish all worrying and second thoughts from your mind.  All this is meant to be, so proceed with unshakeable confidence and optimism.  Move like a jaguar among rabbits.


Those who seek the path of Entering Service confront the institutionalized forces with vested interest in the status quo.  Here, the Oracle is unequivocal in its call to action:  uproot all fear, don’t let any doubt creep in, move as if you have already won.  No effort to establish a new beginning brings about worthwhile and lasting results if the endeavor is carried out only halfway due to uncertainty or timidity.  To end things well under these circumstances means having the fearlessness to bring self-destructive lifeways to an end once and for all.



After the line changes have taken effect, they develop the future situation:  Hexagram 5, Restoring Wholeness.

Image:  An old woman heals a young male warrior, who wears an arrowhead necklace.  While she chants an ancient curing song, she places a lizard on his shoulder and administers purifying herbs and water.

Interpretation:  This hexagram depicts great benefit fulfilling great need.  The old woman personifies the great-great-great-grandmother, the feminine force of profound wisdom and nurturing, the inner healing force within all, the aged and loving medicine woman.  The male warrior personifies the strength and vitality of youth, the great potential of the young, the idealism and insensitivity of the inexperienced, the impatient and reactive nature of the untrained passions.  Taken together, they symbolize the exchange of forces needed to heal your old wounds and enable you to bring benefit to all around you.  The herbs symbolize the feminine medicines of compassion and the understanding of relationships.  The arrowhead represents the masculine medicines of single-mindedness and the pursuit of new experiences.  Taken together, they depict the exchange of energies whereby the new must be refined by the old and the old must periodically be revitalized by the new.  For this reason, the hexagram shows that the young warrior is both a patient and an apprentice of the medicine woman, learning firsthand the ways of restoring natural and original wholeness and, thereby, bringing much needed energy to the feminine half that has been giving to others for so long.  The lizard, the one who grows back its tail, represents the spiritual medicine of regeneration whereby the original state of wholeness is restored.  The medicinal herbs and water together represent the purifying and cleansing away of the useless, the wasteful, and that which only confuses and drags down the original energy of body, mind, and spirit.  Taken together, these symbols mean that you reclaim your spiritual birthright of indivisible wholeness.

Action:  The masculine and feminine halves of the spirit warrior replenish one another.  It is a time for seeking new experiences that will broaden your vistas and deepen your joy of life.  Your innate wisdom and compassion do not have their source in thought but, rather, in life—they are not replenished by good intentions but, rather, by meaningful experiences.  In order for a well to bring benefit to others, it must tap into the unseen river of benefit flowing beneath the surface of the world of the senses.  Take no comfort in your accomplishments or knowledge now.  Instead, look to your need and pursue new interests that hold the possibility of discovering more meaningful joy in this lifetime.  Take a more playful and spontaneous approach to matters for a while, confident that what you find will reinvigorate your more serious efforts to nurture others.  It is not necessary to know ahead of time what new interest will prove meaningful—just as following a butterfly might accidentally lead you to a treasure, simply follow whatever captures your attention at present, confident that the creative forces will lead you to the proper goal.  Unsettling the beneficial feminine force in this way breaks up routines of thought, feeling, and memory, forcing you to reach a more effective balance between giving and having enough to give.  Because you make yourself whole again, you succeed in bringing benefit to others likewise seeking to restore their own wholeness.

Intent:  When people’s reactions are out of proportion to events, it is a clear signal that an old wound has not fully healed and is being reactivated by present circumstances.  Such reactions barely disguise the fact that something in the present is provoking an individual or group to relive the emotions of an old injury.  But disguise it they do, for the impact of many injuries is either long-forgotten or unrecognized.  Whether you find this imbalance in yourself or others, the nurturing-medicine of the wise feminine force must be augmented by the directing-medicine of the single-minded masculine force:  while it is essential that the wounded warrior be healed through reassurance and loving-kindness, it is just as necessary that the wounded warrior take up the discipline of recognizing that the new is not the old.  At the first sign of distress, the wounded warrior must immediately name the present and not allow the past wound to be re-opened.  Using the beneficial masculine force in this way allows you to keep the past from infecting the present.

Summary:  A forgotten part of you returns and takes the lead in establishing a new sense of inner unity and purpose.  Welcome the idealism and vitality of the young masculine warrior back into yourself and then act on your newfound vision of your future.  Over-confidence is preferable to timidity at this time.  Balance your roles and responsibilities with the new and the exciting and the daring.


Here, the Oracle points to the restorative tendency of homeostatic living systems to right themselves and return to a harmonious balance.  The Oracle balances the present time of Entering Service with the future time of Restoring Wholeness by illuminating the actual transformation of human nature taking place.  Here, in this future time, the immature masculine force within humanity voluntarily submits to the teachings of the elder feminine wisdom and compassion.  The strength and vitality of the purpose-driven masculine element is not, in and of itself, problematic.  It is only when it has no purpose above its own need to achieve that it becomes pointlessly overactive and carelessly short-sighted.  This greater purpose to which strength and vitality must be turned is the regenerative principle itself:  not only is the immature masculine force being instructed in this future hexagram but it is being healed as well—the teachings are themselves the medicine that restores people and nature to their original wholeness.  The purpose-driven masculine half of human nature becomes truly regenerative when it places itself in service to the relation-driven feminine half of human nature.

It should be noted that the entire thrust of the Oracle’s message in these first three hexagrams has been the positive and meaningful transformation of the masculine half of human nature.  In Entering Service, we are reminded that there is a positive, wise and selfless archetype of the masculine nature.  From the text, however, it should be clear that this does not refer to the gender of individuals:  the ancient wisdom traditions teach that each individual—and, indeed, humanity itself—has its feminine and masculine halves.  These are cosmological Creative Forces, Yin and Yang, whose union creates and sustains everything from within:  in the wrong measure, this union results in imbalances in nature and human nature, just as the right measure restores all imbalances to their original wholeness.

What kind of Ending will produce the best Beginning for the Coming 2012 Age?

The Oracle is unequivocal in its vision of the path forward:  there will be a re-polarization of the human psyche, one that brings it back into accord with the World Soul by setting the relation-driven life above the purpose-driven life.  This worldview of the relation-driven heart-mind places the needs of all life—the global civilization and the global environment—ahead of the wants of any special  interests.  In this sense, the meaning of the reading is very clear:  collectively, we set aside self-interest and enter into service of the Whole, uprooting all fear of the as-yet-unforeseeable way forward, resolute in our faith that the original wholeness of life, land, and spirit is being restored.  From this perspective, the living balance will not only be restored but this kind of ending will establish the foundation for the Golden Age of Humanity ahead.





The structural core of the hexagram provides us with a glimpse into the essential nature of the transformation carrying us from the present into the future:  Hexagram 14, Unlocking Evolution.

Image:  Ancient spirits, part human and part butterfly, emerge from cocoons that hang from the branches of a tree.

Interpretation:  This hexagram depicts the passage into a new and more ennobling stage of life.  The human form symbolizes the body and its potential.  The butterfly symbolizes the soul and its potential.  The cocoon symbolizes a period of self-imposed isolation during which one undergoes transformation.  The tree symbolizes continuity of the vision passing from the spirit ancestors to their living descendants.  Taken together, these symbols mean that you turn inward to fulfill the timeless ideal of the evolving immortal.  Of the features of the butterfly, the antennas symbolize senses beyond the five senses, the compound eyes symbolize looking at things from many different points of view, the proboscis symbolizes nourishing oneself only on the nectar of life, and the wings symbolize the capacity to rise above limitations.  That many of these ancient spirits emerge from their cocoons at the same time means that you find spiritual companions on your journey.  Taken together, these symbols mean that your own invisible progress is essential to the forging of the invisible community of spirit.

Action:  The masculine and feminine halves of the spirit warrior—the human and butterfly forms, respectively—unite to form a more versatile and charismatic person.  This is a time in which powerful forces, long dammed up within you, are finally released and allowed to come to expression.  The higher potential you have long sensed approaching now falls within your reach.  Remove yourself from your daily routines where you can and spend time by yourself in communion with nature and spirit.  Turn your will inward, direct all your inner resources toward destroying every influence of the past that seeks to destroy your joy of life and sense of confidence.  Consider the obstacles that have held you back, look at them from the perspective of the grandeur of the universe, reflect on their importance in the scheme of eternity:  sense the immortality of that which is beyond the senses, feel yourself an intrinsic part of the indivisible whole, see the world through the eyes of the ancestors’ hopes and dreams for your life.  Taking up the view that every lifetime is of the utmost consequence, you cease to act out of self-interest and rededicate yourself to another lifetime of bringing benefit to others.  Allowing your heart to be touched by the ancestors’ wishes for your happiness and well-being, you cease to be influenced by misfortunes and injustices and attempts to break your spirit.  Taking wing amid the field of immortal spirit warriors, you learn to meet need with benefit everywhere it exists.

Intent:  The longer that beneficial intent is held in check by coercive and oppressive forces, the more momentous its release—when dark forces predominate, they eventually reveal their malicious intent, thereby creating among otherwise compliant people a constructive backlash.  In this way, individuals who do not think of themselves as daring find themselves thrown forward into the very vanguard of change.  Resist wrong-doing without doing wrong:  without attacking or defending, do not give an inch.  This is a battle of wills whereby you will be transformed into a stronger and wiser warrior.  This is an especially auspicious time to take up the discipline of creating yourself as you have always wished to be, rather than allowing others to define you.  It is going to be exciting to the degree that you seek to take wing into the future—but unnerving to the degree that you seek the safety and security of the past.  Above all, avoid becoming either restless or paralyzed by the pace of change:  have faith in the beneficial intent of metamorphosis going on within the cocoon.  If you step back into your shadow-half and gaze unblinking upon the countenance of your light-half, this is a time in which all your inner obstacles are spontaneously changed into their opposites.

Summary:  You are entering a time of profound transformation.  In order to advance, give up something in the past that has been holding you back.  In order to give up something in the past, see yourself in the future.  Consider what you will be like when your inner obstacles are no more.  It is best to fashion a period of solitude in which you can crystalize your vision and solidify your intent.


Two points in particular articulate the Essence of this reading—

  • This is a time in which powerful forces, long dammed up within you, are finally released and allowed to come to expression
  • The longer that beneficial intent is held in check by coercive and oppressive forces, the more momentous its release

We activate our true potential when we have no other choice.  Repression, both internal and external, is creating a backlash of freedom that threatens to overwhelm the status quo at any moment.  Those who do not believe that profound and global change can occur overnight simply do not understand the mechanics of reversal:  when the dam breaks, all the water escapes at the same time.

Hexagram 14, Unlocking Evolution describes the invisible forces at work beneath the play of appearances.  It shows that the metamorphosis, though given expression through individuals, is a communal transformation, each individual’s release triggering the next individual’s.  We unlock our own unimaginable evolutionary traits when our adaptive traits are no longer compatible with our environment:  we take the evolutionary leap only when backed up against the abyss of extinction.

The past we have inherited from our common ancestors is a chrysalis.  It is a kind of protective encapsulation, keeping us one step removed from a real and intimate communion with both humanity and nature as a whole.  It is a kind of myopia, keeping vision to the nearby and decision-making to the short-range.  And it is a kind of numbness, keeping us from feeling the full brunt of emotions stemming from the harm our actions cause our peers and our environment.  The past is a chrysalis ready to burst and release into the wider reality of full responsibility:  it has protected us while we grew as a species and now we have outgrown it.  The ancient Mayans, in their remarkable insight into human nature, set their calendar of 5, 125 years to end and begin again on the Winter Solstice, 2012, to mark this dramatic and universal shift away from self-destruction.


It should also be noted that this Nuclear Hexagram has, besides Hexagram 20, Entering Service, three other hexagrams derived from its core structure.  Those are:  Hexagram 8, Harmonizing Duality; Hexagram 48, Moving Source; and, Hexagram 57, Defying Uncertainty.  And, while Unlocking Evolution is the Nuclear Hexagram of Entering Service, it can also be a matter of interest to consider the Nuclear Hexagram of the future hexagram, Restoring Wholeness:  that Nuclear Hexagram is Hexagram 38 Dissolving Artifice, which also includes Hexagram 9 Uprooting Fear, Hexagram 60 Changing Alliances, and Hexagram 61 Strengthening Integrity among its derived hexagrams.



Advanced studies provide a further methodology for deeper analysis and interpretation of the Oracle’s reply.  The following sequence of hexagrams mirrors the predictive sequence formed by the coin throws but brings to light the deeper forces at work.








The hexagrams illuminating the hidden direction and momentum of generative energy (qi) that manifests as the predictive hexagrams (#20 to #9 to #5) are these:  Hexagram 45, Casting Off; Hexagram 43, Going Beyond; and, Hexagram 14, Unlocking Evolution.

The first item of note about this sequence is the startling unanimity with which it speaks of metamorphosis—#45 in terms of a plumed serpent metamorphosing from the shed skin of an ordinary serpent, #43 in terms of an ordinary mortal metamorphosing into an immortal on the road of transcendence, and #14 in terms of ordinary humanity taking the evolutionary leap of metamorphosing into a new life form.  Less obvious, perhaps, is the fact that all three represent the conquest of gravity:  #45 and #14 both explicitly illustrate winged flight, whereas #43 shows the Road of Stars, the Milky Way, the path of transcendence whereby we reunite with our immortal allies.

The second item of note about this sequence is the startling presence here of the Nuclear Hexagram, Hexagram 14, Unlocking Evolution, the repetition of which reinforces the importance of the chrysalis symbol in the reading.  From this standpoint, then, these hexagrams amplify the meaning of the Nuclear Hexagram, establishing Unlocking Evolution as the central motif of the Oracle’s message.

What kind of Ending will produce the best Beginning for the Coming 2012 Age?

Underlying the principal message of the divination (Entering Service to Uprooting Fear to Restoring Wholeness), we find a consistent undertone of personal metamorphosis.  From this, we can surmise that the driving force behind the social changes leading to Restoring Wholeness is a shared personal experience of a higher awareness that transcends ordinary consciousness.  The mechanics of this relationship, which can be thought of as external-social and internal-personal, are hinted at when we view the two sequences as a series of pairs:

  • #20 Entering Service and #45 Casting Off
  • #9 Uprooting Fear and #43 Going Beyond
  • #5 Restoring Wholeness and #14 Unlocking Evolution


A Final Note—

Diviners interested in pursuing the advanced work further can investigate Hexagram 6, Fostering Self-Sacrifice, which should be considered an esoteric step backward on the path of returning to the One.  The relevance to Hexagram 20, Entering Service and the overall shift of attention away from self-interest and self-gratification for the sake of something greater than oneself is, at the end, elegantly reinforced.  This ought to be seen as the need to maintain both tracks consciously:  the social changes (toward idealism and altruism) and personal changes (toward transcendent awareness) will have to be the two wings of the phoenix rising forever from the smoke of the past.

~ ~ ~

William Douglas Horden is co-author of The Toltec I Ching and author of two companion volumes, The Five Emanations and The Spiritual Basis of Good Fortune.

~ ~ ~


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